I write two webcomics: Miamaska and Trial of the Sun. This is where I post artwork relating to those.
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bandolute asked: Would it be okay if I made a page for Trial of the Sun on TV Tropes? Miamaska already has a little one, so I figured my second order of business (if your were okay with it) would be to expand it. Only asking because I've seen a few webcomic artists express distaste for that site and it's YOUR work being represented, so. Also I promise I wouldn't put any butts in it. *crosses heart*

That would be totally cool!!!

Sometimes I think about going into the TV Tropes page for Miamaska to spruce it up a bit but then I remember I am just way too lazy to figure out the editing format.

New header images for the nav bar thingy. 

there is no context that can save this video

thanks jamly

brossuno replied to your photo “miscellaneousgarbage: i made another thing i don’t know what this is…”

Who is the artist known as miscellaneousgarbage? Does he have a tumblr or website to follow? XD

He is in fact a musician and not at all an artist but a phony imposter! No website ready to link yet, but he’ll probably have a bandcamp or youtube I’ll plug eventually. 

miscellaneousgarbage: i made another thing

i don’t know what this is but he made it and now i have to put it up

miscellaneousgarbage: i made another thing

i don’t know what this is but he made it and now i have to put it up

originaldumbbaby asked: Ooooooh two singularities!? That sounds really cool! I'm excited to see where you'll take the story! #ExclaimationMarks

Yeah, I’m excited too! Seriously impatient to work my way back up to twice weekly posting and get back on track with the pacing I had before. 

sorry, what do you mean by singularity :?c

The technological singularity is a common theme in science fiction meaning the point at which artificial intelligence or biological augmentations begin to consistently surpass normal human intelligence. From that point, these new superintelligences would make exponentially better augmentations, leading to rapid, ever-accelerating technological development! Yay! 

patthollomew asked: Hello! Before I really dig in, just wanna let you know that my attention is absorbed by Miamaska. Absorbed. I'm sure that actually answering these questions would cross into the thpoiler zone, but I'm compelled to ask. How much of Ress and Loric's world(s?) are defined as thoroughly as Alodia? Specifically, are they post-singularity? I would just assume so, with such incredible feats of technology. But just how post? I'm stoked to see your take on incredible futures, but will Amity/we ever see?!

Glad you are enjoying it!

They’re actually post two singularity-type events, one of them being fairly recent, though limited to a subset of the population. Their first singularity event didn’t go so well. You’ll definitely get to see more of their world since Loric and Ress are perspective characters (one scene in this chapter I can promise takes place there!), but if Amity ever gets to there, well… that’s a bit in the spoiler territory, isn’t it?

Miamaska and Trial of the Sun’s new facebook cover images. Fiiiinally got around to updating them. 

Completed commission #23! Gender-swapped Amity and Aleco.

Completed commission #23! Gender-swapped Amity and Aleco.