I write two webcomics: Miamaska and Trial of the Sun. This is where I post artwork relating to those.
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Yeah so the line art is finished. Secret fan art revealed to be… Miamaska’d Durarara meme! (Gonna color and make a proper video version.) Always wanted to do one of these. Guess I have a thing for stacked people?? Had to cut it into a million pieces to try to preserve resolution which is lame.


!!!!!! SO THIS IS WHAT THOSE TEASERS WERE FOR !!!!!!! hoh man i didn’t know what to expect but this pretty much tops it !!!

I think my favorite thing about this is Tabit and Ket trying to finagle control of Kit. But Leoma hanging off of Kit is pretty cute too. And Trosce being all like “can you not right now” and Aleco and Meora and Ress and Loric and oh everything is just so cool heheheh

As for tidalcomics 2.0… tarienn has this to say! “I don’t have a date yet!!!!!” followed by some incomprehensible gargling. He just finished up a big contract literally this week though so now he has a lot more free time at least. 


Today’s loot:

-something a bit different! This time, it’s a commission for BrossUno, featuring Amari from Jeinu’s webcomic Trial of the Sun. There’s also a small Eliano in there, but since I didn’t feel there was enough of him, here’s an unintended bonus that just sort of happened below.

"OH EXCUSE ME, COMING THROUGH, oh you have a lovely roof by the way, JUST SQUEEZING BY, don’t mind me

Some awesome fan art by pehesse!! Quite enjoy the candid Eliano and Honey together too, haha! Thank pehesse!! And brossuno for commissioning!!!! !!! ! 



atmanseijo asked: Oh no it was ///ALL/// true? Even the Ket dies part?

I guess so! RIP Ket, your fate has been decided by a random reader’s dream.

New background image for TotS!

New background image for TotS!

sovennix asked: i dunno if this is weird, but last night i had a dream you came to do an art presentation in my color theory class. before you got to present the fire alarm rang and while we evacuated we talked about miamaska and you told me ket died but i needed to keep it a secret. You also asked if i knew how to draw someone doing mouth to mouth cpr because 'they look like sock puppets kissing when i do it.' just felt like sharing :')

ok that is ridiculous FIRST off I don’t know the first thing about color theory SECOND I wouldn’t just spoil deaths going "hey shh, it’s a secret" I’d probably make you sign a blood pact or something THIRD I can totally draw mouth to mouth cpr as I shall demonstrate now

Aleco, Meora, please, demonstrate.


oh no it was all true

And now for a buncha fellas’ clothing concepts.

Kit and Ket’s clothing sketches and a buncha ladies’ clothing concepts. Will post men’s clothing sketches later this week. That fancy Kit headdress gets recycled into a TotS’s chapter 4 design. 



Dumb doodles from TOTS comments.

I just saw your tags. This would explain why Deotian - Anocuran tensions are so high!

the cruelty of the past is just too great to heal the present…!

Dumb doodles from TOTS comments.

More screenshots! Forum specifically this time. 

Still planning on having user avatars/subforums/tags/and uh.. probably need some moderation options. Tarienn’s working on it, see!